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Neighbors Project to Throw Car-Free Block Party in Lakeview

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The new community-based environmental-justice group, Neighbors Project, asked if they could tell you about the Car-Free Block Party they’re throwing in Lakeview this Saturday. You know they had me at “car-free” so here’s their press release:

Since 2000, the nearly eight million citizens of Bogota, Columbia, have singled out Feb. 1 as Car-Free Day– a day when everyone ditches their cars in favor of walking, bicycling, or taking public transit. Sounds blissful, right? But, until Mayor Daley takes a cue from Bogota, all that the fine citizens of Chicago can do is take matters into our own hands…by throwing a party!

Check out the car-free Block Party this Saturday, Aug. 25, from 1 to 4 p.m., at Mystic Celt in Lakeview (3443 N. Southport Ave.). The Chicago-based nonprofit Neighbors Project will show you everything you need to know to throw a car-free bash on your block using locally purchased products. From advice from local aldermen on how to get a permit to grilling tips from the well-seasoned butchers at Paulina Meat Market – Lakeview’s self-appointed BBQ headquarters – Neighbors Project has thought of everything and will even send you on your way with a handy how-to booklet featuring tips and tricks culled from experienced block party organizers.

We’ll also be launching a Web-based guide to throwing your own block party – which, by the way, is no reason not to attend the Block Party Party because you’ll miss the bean bag toss, grilling how-to video, and lawn-chair testing, not to mention complementary appetizers.

If you’re still not sold, imagine this: your street free from traffic for one entire day. Now run – don’t walk, and for goodness’ sake, don’t drive – to Mystic Celt this Saturday.

For more details on Neighbors Project and the Block Party Party, check out the Neighbors Project website.

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