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Brendan Reilly Debuts 42nd Ward E-Newsletter Sign-Up

(Photo: Your 15 seconds are up, Burt. My name is Brendan Reilly, and I AM the Alderman…)

In the aftermath of Chicago’s greatest political defeat in decades, incoming 42nd Ward alderman Brendan Reilly is wasting no time in reaching out to the former constituents of 37-year city council veteran Burt Natarus, who was swept out of his downtown Ward by a wide margin in last week’s municipal elections.

Reilly and his “kitchen cabinet” have set up an email list where residents can sign up to receive information on general Ward issues and/or issues of importance to specific neighborhoods.

The page also asks for real-world contact information–but unlike Burt Natarus’ former, clunky e-newsletter sign-up (and hands up anyone who ever actually received it?), Reilly’s page states its privacy policy up front.

If you’re looking for updates regarding Reilly’s transition into office (coming on May 21st, after the completion of run-off elections in other Wards in April), his take on local issues, and info regarding his eventual new Ward office, website, contact information, etc., this email list is likely your best first stop.

Rumor also has it that Reilly and company may have a contingent in Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 17. More on that later, but no matter whether Reilly takes to the streets before taking office, with the new email list he’s already a step ahead of his predecessor.

If that keeps up, April can’t come too quickly for this 42nd Ward resident.

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