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Zipcar Saves the Planet Redux

(Photo: Share a car, save the planet. Credit: Zipcar.)

Last night, February 26, the folks over at Zipcar, Chicago’s for-profit but far better and very downtown-friendly car-sharing company (sorry, I-Go), hosted a movie benefit at the opulent, old Music Box Theatre movie palace on Southport Avenue.

The zispters screened Al Gore’s now Oscar-winning cry of environmental fury, An Inconvenient Truth in an event benefitting Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Cars for Kids car donation program (who give all proceeds to the hospital). Five people donated their wheels for the good cause. The rest of us just had to bring along an unopened toy or new kids’ book to get in (I brought The Little Prince, a childhood favorite of mine–a copy of which in the original French was the only souvenir I brought back from my first trip to Paris and, no, that’s not the one the kids got last night).

Besides the free (highly important) film, another perk for those in attendance was a $50 discount on Zipcar membership. All in all, a good time was had by all. Well, except the guy who kept kicking the back of my chair until halfway through the movie.

Those who know me well can only, somewhat nervously, imagine how I got him to stop…

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  1. Thanks, Vincent. It’s good to know. I wonder if credit card “rental-car” insurance would cover anything. God knows, Chicago levies the municipal rental-car tax on Zipcars.

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