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Happy 2nd Birthday “Looper” Photoblog!

(Photo: Chicago’s Looper photoblog zooms into its second anniversary. Credit: Looper.)

Today, Devyn Caldwell’s Looper photoblog celebrates its second anniversary. For the past two years Looper has focused intently on downtown Chicago, featuring edgy, insightful, and often unexpected images of the city’s urban core for a loyal and growing audience. Browse Looper and see for yourself why I consider Devyn to be Chicago’s best urban photographer since the seminal work of the mid-20th century’s Charles Cushman.

For full disclosure, Devyn is my long-term boyfriend. But with photos like these, who wouldn’t want to be along for the ride? So, Devyn, happy second anniversary to Looper! May its third year be even more successful…and eye opening.

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