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Jessica’s Story

She can tell it better than I can. Watch one of the most courageous women I’ve ever met tell her story of life with four kids at an unfair wage today, on day four of 7 Days @ Minimum Wage.

I had never picked up a video camera in my life before I interviewed Jessica. Her story and her eloquence, both of which emerged absolutely spontaneously, blew me and the ACORN/AFL-CIO project team in D.C. away–so much so that her interview is being shown in its 13-minute entirety, with one small edit to protect her privacy.

What she needs is a full-time, entry-level office job with benefits somewhere in Chicagoland that can be flexible with hours for a mom with four kids. You tell me about an available job like that, I’ll tell Jessica.

And if you haven’t viewed 7 Days yet, trust me on this. Watch today. This unexpected everywoman speaks for millions of others.

As for Chicago Carless, I’ll be back blogging more about life in downtown Chicago very soon. You can quote me on that 😉

* * *

Watch Jessica’s story in two parts–and trust me, do NOT miss part two, and have LOTS of hankies ready when you view it):

Jessica, Part One (RSS subscribers, watch on YouTube here):

Jessica, Part Two (RSS subscribers, watch on YouTube here):

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