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Time Out at the Oasis

Oasis Cafe may not be in the Wabash Jewelers Mall anymore, but Suleiman Ahmed still makes the best–and cheapest–falafel in the Loop. I said so last month here on Carless. And I’m happy to say so again, in this week’s issue of Time Out Chicago (TOC #85).

Once I found Oasis new home (in the Iwan Ries building at 17 S. Wabash), did a few backflips, ate shawerma until I was ready to burst, and wrote my electronic paean to the place, I emailed TOC and asked them (well, ok, begged them) to do a piece about Oasis’ move under the popular glossy’s Save This Restaurant column.

It pays to be ballsy. They asked me to write it. (Thanks for the opportunity, Heather!) So if you have TOC #85 in front of you, feel free to all turn, in unison, to page 36. Or you can just click through here to Save This Restaurant: Oasis Cafe.

The editors say they’re always looking for establishments in need of saving, so if you know of a spot that’s recently hit the skids, think about dropping TOC Eat Out editor Heather Shouse an email (hshouse(@)

I also suggested Cuernavaca at 18th and Racine, home of Pilsen’s best chiles rellenos and strongest margaritas, but where the afternoon and early evening crowd has all but dried up of late. But I bet you know of one or two places that could use to be featured, too, so don’t be shy about speaking up. The restaurant you help save could be your personal fave, too.

I thought my letter to the editor in TOC #78 was a kick. Hmm. It’s definitely much nicer to be paid for my opinion…

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