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Read Chicago Magazine’s Gary Kimmel Article for Free

A quick posting for the Gary Kimmel Scandal followers among you. Chicago Magazine’s October 2006 article on Gary Kimmel, containing several quotes from Yours Truly and lots of, um, enlightening background information on the erstwhile dentist, can now be read for free, in its entirety, on the Chicago Magazine website, at this link.

You can find the backstory of my and my Marina City neighbors’ participation in the article in this previous Carless post, or look here for the details of Kimmel’s next court appearance.

Oddly enough, I need to make a dental appointment this month. And don’t you know, I’m of two minds about that.

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Mike Doyle

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  2. Mike, this is unbelievable dish. Great writing and I’m glad I found the site. I’ve been rounding up a collection of “insiders” in Chicago… of course you’re from NYC.

    Was just there, stayed in Midtown and hung out in the Lower East Side… yeah.

    If you’re ever in the North Side, maybe you can solve some crimes for us. I have some suspicions about a certain butcher bringing Alice the meat… pimp?


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