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Gary S. Kimmel’s Next Day in Court: Friday, October 6

At the July 18 status hearing and notice of motion for Marina City’s most famous dentist, Gary S. Kimmel, the good doctor was granted a request to travel, but he and his attorney, Joseph Lopez, were reminded to mind the “restrictions”. These were not specified, but it’s probably safe to assume that they include “don’t leave the country”. The saga was continued to September. Does that mean a deal is in the works? Other names might be named? One can only speculate. Well that’s not true. There’s something else one can do, and that’s…

Join Dr. Kimmel on (the re-rescheduled date of) October 6, 2006 in federal court. Kimmel was the vice-president of the Marina Towers Condominium Association and chair of the association’s screening and security committees when he was indicted in January on U.S. Department of Justice charges that he laundered money for a national prostitution ring and allowed it to operate out of several Marina City apartments. He’s also alleged to have fixed the hookers’ teeth for free.

On October 3, you might discover the verity of these arousing allegations by sitting in the public gallery box at Dr. Kimmel’s next day in federal court:

9:30 a.m., Friday, October 6
Dirksen Federal Building
219 S. Dearborn Street
Room 2125 (BMM), before Judge Blanche M. Manning
Case No. 05 CR 938


Using the case number, you can double-check the above schedule — which is, of course, fully public information — with the clerk’s office of the U.S. District Court/Northern District of Illinois (Eastern Division) at 312-435-5670 (choose option 3 from the recorded menu).

Do not be fooled by the currently official title of the case as “USA v. SUPPRESSED“, that case number belongs to, and only to, the USDOJ case against Gary Kimmel.

And bring a book if you go, or perhaps the full text of the complaint and indictment, it’ll probably be a big docket — you don’t think Gary Kimmel is the only federally indicted individual in Chicago, do you?

Well, maybe the only one with a license plate allegedly named after an interstate hooker. And probably the one with the best teeth.

(Find full coverage of the hooker scandal that continues to rock Marina City in my Gary Kimmel Scandal archives.)

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