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Elevator Lobby Flowers #3: The Power of Levitation

(Photo: Run, Martha! The laws of the universe don’t apply here!)

Some readers have wondered about the reason for these weekly flower posts. Find out more at the link at the bottom of this post. The short of the story is a condominium association at Marina City that appears to be of the opinion that it’s doing residents a favor by allowing a volunteer floral terrorist arranger to plop awful, phoney flower arrangements in our main elevator lobbies every week.

Regardless of official opinion, the plain-spoken two-cent take shared by most Marina City residents and visitors seems to be the reasonable contention that prominently featured fake flowers in any building — but especially a famous, architecturally significant high-rise like Marina City — serve no greater purpose than to make the building look like it can’t afford real flowers. Or, more bluntly, fake flowers make your condo look ghetto. Cabrini ghetto. Get-TOE ghetto. Now, on with the (freak) show.

Marina City’s stealth elevator lobby florist, Deep Stem, strikes again, this week defying the law of gravity in the name of patriotism.


Who says there are no true blue colors in nature? Not this naughty nasturtium. True, he’s not really a nasturtium. But since he’s plastic, does it really matter what name he chooses to be called by?


That’s gotta hurt.


A jaunty side-dish for any Patriot’s Day picnic. Beet slaw in a bow.

But today the best is last. I give you Deep Stem’s greatest achievement ever. Prepare yourself for the wonder of…


…levitation! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in honor of our country’s birthday, Deep Stem ignores the laws of biology, physics, and realism itself…


…in order to suspend foliage in midair. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little verklempt. Or is that nauseous? Sometimes it’s a very fine line.

[What’s with all the flowers? Read the first post in the series.]

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