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Relaunch of “Looper”, Greatest Downtown Chicago Photoblog Ever

(Photo: In downtown Chicago, history goes by in the blink of an eye. Credit: Looper.)

Okay, so I’m partial. Today, my downtown Chicago architecture photo-essayist extraordinaire boyfriend (did you get all that?), Devyn, launched a retooled version of his popular photoblog, Looper. The site has moved from its former blogspot location to its own new URL, (Why “iconeon”? Think iconic neon: Devyn’s other great dream is to put his long-ago neon school skills to work and open a neon workshop).

The new Looper offers a retooled look, a very much requested Buy an Image feature, and easier navigation. However, Devyn’s keen eye for capturing unique images that have quickly grown into one of the most significant contemporary photographic records of downtown Chicago remains unchanged. If you geek to the midcentury image record of built Chicago contained in the seminal Charles W. Cushman collection, you should definitely give Looper a browse. Modest Devyn will never say his work is that good.

But you will. (Update: And so too, today, did Apartment Therapy: Chicago, which featured Devyn’s new Looper website in a post beginning, in bold yet, “Devyn takes beautiful photos.” On the way up, my man).

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