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Deep Stem Strikes Again: Marina City Elevator Lobby Flowers #2

(Photo: You’ll find no stigma attached to these flowers.)

Marina City’s controversial and shadowy floral arranger, Deep Stem, has struck again. This week, just in time for Independence Day, Deep Deep pulls out the patriotic stops to take us on a trip to…Tuscany?


Ensconced in this Uffizi-esque urn, any peppy plastic poppy would practically swear they were growing in the waiting room of a Florentine nursing home.


“I think I’m silk, I think I’m silk, I think I’m silk…”


“Maledizione! I’m plastic!”

I’m not sure why that flower was drooping. Perhaps Deep skipped the floral arranging class where they teach you to make sure the vinyl skeleton is facing away from view, or maybe some near-sighted third party actually flipped the flower over to see if it was real. Of course, there’s always the possibility that it was simply hanging its head in shame. Kind of like the way we Marina City residents hang our heads every time we have to pass these gratuitously ghastly gardenias, but with one small difference. We do it out of embarrassment.


[What’s with all the flowers? Read the first post in the series.]

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