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Little House in the Big (Concrete) Woods

If you’ve ever wondered about the fading little Victorian rowhouse now (since last year) sandwiched, wedged, practically squeezed between two high-rise condo buildings on Superior between LaSalle and Wells — wondered as in “how that hell did that manage to stay there?” — wonder no more. A remarkable article in today’s Sun-Times features the home and the story of its many occupants over the years, including current owner Gregory Cooper. And while Cooper wasn’t able to get the home listed as historic, he definitely wins my respect (and thanks) for helping to ensure that not every modest nineteenth-century building in River North will fall to the wrecking ball of developmania.

Of course, his new neighbor to the west, 156 West Superior, is mouth-wateringly New-Modernist cool. But it’s a dung-beetle buffet over at 150.

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