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No Sudafed for You

(Portland, Oregon. Cozy urbanity. Quality transit. Cunning media?)

According to this article in Willamette Week, a Portland, Oregon weekly, Illinoisans (and many other Americans) are now restricted from buying products containing pseudoephedrine–an ingredient of homemade methamphetamines–based almost entirely on false pretenses. Apparently, the main reason you have to speak to a live white-coat at Walgreen’s and write down your name and address in a public register before they’ll ring up your Sudafed is a year-long series of willfully misleading articles that appeared throughout 2005 in Portland’s Oregonian daily. Possibly aiming for a Pulitzer, the paper ignored, invented, and otherwise went right to the brink of lying with statistics to make meth use seem like a local and national epidemic. The problem is, according to the actual statistics that the Oregonian never reported…it’s not. Lisa Madigan, are you out there? I have some new reading for you…

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