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You’ve seen him, dressing in shiny, neon-colored suits and spinning around and waving at tour boats all summer long from Chicago River bridges. He’s Vincent P. Falk, but boat crews call him “Riverace” (rhymes with Liberace), and he’s a summer fixture in downtown Chicago. He’s got a painfully droll sense of humor, an upper-floor condo in west tower (yep, he’s my neighbor), and an interesting website with lots of cool images of the ctiy from on high (check out the link, above)…and of every single cow, couch, bobblehead, and Mickey from the past 10 years. He’s a gas to talk to if you encounter him on a bridge. Just don’t mention Marina City or you’ll get his corny jokes about the bakery in “Yeast” Tower and the tailor shop in “Vest” Tower (if I had a NICKEL…)

(For Vincent’s backstory, check out this October 2005 NBC 5 article.)

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