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Balcony Bombing

(Photo: Cushman Collection.)

…or more of what not to do on a Marina City balcony. Little did I suspect when I wrote my October 10th post, My Balcony, Myself, that balcony behavior here at Goldberg central could get worse. Well, tie me up in rope lights, folks, because Marina City has reached an explosive new low.

These past Sunday and Tuesday nights, as our wondrous Sox were doing their Game 2 and 3 victory dances, drunken partygoers in both towers of Marina City saw fit to drop fireworks from the buildings.

That’s fireworks, folks. Little exploding bomblets (except these weren’t so little). Thrown overboard from a skyscraper. Exploding on the way down next to other people’s balconies, windows, and maybe even people unlucky enough to be out on their balconies when this mayhem went down.

Besides being illegal, dangerous, and foolhardy, according to the Marina Towers condo rules and regs, it’s also supposed to cost you a $1,000 fine. Hmm. Although I and other residents managed to get the drop on the offending apartments and identify them to the police and building security, the word from condo board insiders is that the building unofficially looks the other way at lighted ordinance thrown from several-hundred feet above the street.

So if you’re walking by my digs during Game 4, or Independence Day for that matter, just be prepared to duck and cover. Because, apparently, Chicago’s high-rise life safety laws are void if you live above the 20th floor. At least at Marina City.

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