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Watch the Cindy Sheehan TV Spot

It may not air in Utah, but you can watch it here and judge for yourself. Paid for by Gold Star Families for Peace, the television ad allows Ms. Sheehan, finally, to speak directly to W. Bush, and to whomever else cares to listen.

Whether you support the war or not, like all reasonable opinions, yours should be an informed one. If you haven’t seen the spot, click through and do. Then judge for yourself. It may very well be reasonable to believe that our President is not a liar, in the pocket of big bidness (’cause, as Molly Ivins says, you gotta dance wit dem what brung ya), who dragged us under false pretenses into a war squarely aimed at stealing oil and avenging parental face rather than fighting terrorism and seeking out imaginary WMD.

And if you believe that, I sure as hell would like to get you in a poker game.

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