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Marina City Myths

(Photo copyright K. Devyn Caldwell.)

Ok. Let’s get this all out of the way up front so that we can proceed to other topics. You know you want to know. You’ll be happier, I’ll be happier, Bertrand Goldberg will be happier. Answers to the most-asked questions about my humble abode, Marina City.

1. Yes, in East Tower.
2. No you wouldn’t, it’s all valet.
3. No, not a single one.
4. Yes, it still all fits easily.
5. No, it’s on the 20th floor.
6. Not nearly as much as you think.
7. 175 square feet. Yes, even the studios.
8. 22 miles on a clear day.
9. Just a little and it’s more like a lurch.
10. 8 1/2 feet.
11. Faster than any you’ve probably ever ridden.
12. It’s a tradition.
13. Yes it is, River North.
14. Yes I do, 13 minutes door to door.
15. Yes there are, Jewel and Whole Foods.
16. Yes, but you get used to it.
17. Yes but you get used to that, too.
18. His name is Vincent Falk.
19. God, I hope in WEST Tower.
20. Yes for residents, at any time, and the view is spectacular.

Ahh, much better.

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