The Lido’s Coffee Klatsch Does Lincoln Park Zoo Lights (Video)

On Friday, my Lido's Caffé coffee klatsch buddies (and more) went on a holiday foray to see the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights. Every year they say the lights will be better than last year. This December, though, the claim's finally true--the new zoo lights festival was particularly stunning. This video, however, is less about Christmas lights and more about Christmas hams. Read More

Should You Believe Everything You Read Just Because a Reporter Writes It?

It's amazing how unused to receiving criticism reporters can be. Since writing about the future of journalism in Chicago this week, I've been inundated with comments from reporters telling me that I don't have the right to share my opinion or voice dissent when it comes to reporters...because I'm not a journalist myself. In today's video post I ask my audience, do you think you should believe everything you read just because a reporter writes Read More

A Fair to Distemper

Last Thursday, I did the Wisconsin State Fair badly. In my defense, I meant well. But having been to only two state fairs in my life--Arizona's in 1990 and New York State's in the Shea Stadium parking lot--I was ill-prepared for the scope of Milwaukee's century-old annual festivity. Not to mention the heat. Read More

Sex and the Sneakered Blogger

It's a sad commentary on my social life when the highlight of the past week comes from sitting on the front patio of hoary Uptown gay bar Big Chicks on dollar burger night, doing Gweilo impressions of contact sheets from On a Monday. Read More