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I’m Not a Mac #4–Control Issues: Why Apple Doesn’t Want You to Use Linux

I dove into Linux at the suggestion of several commenters who urged me to take a look at the open-source end of the OS world before deciding to go over to the Microsoft dark side. Why not? I figured. One-half of my goal is never again to have to pay several hundred extra dollars for specially branded hardware just to run my OS of choice, and the other half is to remove myself Read More

“I’m Not a Mac” Series Intro

After 15 years of being a faithful Apple Mac fan, in 2009 I changed my mind. I realized I was living the Apple user life you never get to see in a 'Get a Mac' ad, controlled by a computer company set on telling me how I was allowed to use its products and how I wasn't. So one day I decided to say 'No'... Read More