Ignorance Archive

Orthodox Blogger Bullies

Last week, small-minded blogger bullies used their Orthodoxy as an excuse to silence a well-known, inter-denominational blogging voice for refusing to believe that fear and loathing are at the center of Judaism. Read More

Jewish with the Drawbridge Pulled Up

There's a right way and a wrong way for Jewish institutions to welcome visitors. The moment the balance between security and openness starts to close an institution off from the wider community is the moment it gets harder to repair the world. Read More

Secular vs.

Shifting from a secular life to a religiously observant one can definitely teach you who your friends are--and aren't. My social circle looks very different at the end of my Jewish conversion journey than it did at the beginning of it. That's OK. Read More

Oy to the World

When a well-meaning friend asked me on Christmas Eve, "Is being at temple tonight hard for you?" they were surprised I said, "No." I wasn't surprised at all. Read More

“Yenta, please.”

Saturday after temple in a north side Starbucks, I sat down with a Reform Jewish friend. I had my kippah on and my computer open. As we were walking out, an Orthodox woman sitting nearby turned to a stranger and told him I wasn't going to be a good Jew. And as you may have guessed, I marched right back in. Read More

Tikkun Olam in a Targeted Synagogue

My synagogue was one of the Yemeni mail-bomb terror targets. It is impossible to write a sentence like that without feeling the worst of humanity well up inside your being. But sometimes it's when you feel the most hateful of urges that healing the world has the best chance to begin. Read More