CTA Bus Tracker Vs. Union Negotiating Power

When CTA Doomsday eliminated 20% of Chicago bus service in February, labor leaders expected a public outcry from stranded transit riders to help save the jobs of 1,100 bus union workers. Instead, riders took the cutbacks in stride--because any rider with a smart phone can instantly find out exactly when the next bus is coming. Does the rise of transit-tracking smart phone apps spell doomsday for the union's ability to rile up the ridership? Read More

A Carless Manifesto for Urban America

My blog's name has long been a misnomer. I choose to lead a carless life, but I rarely write about what that really means. So going forward, I've decided to take a deeper look at what living without a car in urban America is all about. Starting with the words I roll by--my Carless Manifesto. Read More