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Buzzle the Wuzzle

'Most of all, please make it fit for young readers. My sister has standards, I beg that you meet hers. Under no circumstance unveil the puzzle. The item I sought to buy? Call it...the wuzzle.' Read More

Fear of Falling

Walking out my front door and into the remains of a bank robbery this evening brought to mind the absurdity of life. Never knowing where it'll take you, it's always best to be prepared for any eventuality. Like hearing the tornado sirens go off. Or wondering what happened to your parachute. Or finally finding out you're a talented writer, for that matter. Read More

Reading My Way into Why

I'm reading my way through Jack Kerouac, his Beat contemporaries, and other authors who had something to say about unexpected journeys through life. I'm trying to get a handle on mine. I'd love to figure out how I ended up a Chicagoan. Read More