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Maybe Rachel Shteir Was Right

Every Chicagoan has a list in their head of friends and family who left this city to be successful in other places. But does everyone leave willingly, or does Chicago not understand the value of holding on to its own talent? Read More

Time to Change

Rabbinical school. Public transit. Jewish legitimacy. And something you're not expecting. There's been a lot of rearranging this month. Let's talk about who I am--and what I'm gonna be. Read More


Maybe I haven't figured out why I want to be a rabbi, and maybe I never will. But I think I've at least figured out why I want to be a rabbi. So here's how that makes sense. Read More

To Be Sure

Another Father's Day come and gone. I guess after forty, I feel the regrets I thought I could live with for the rest of my life with greater intensity as the rest of my life starts to arrive. Read More