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The Great Migration

Seven years living in downtown Chicago ends Wednesday in a seven-mile trip up Lake Shore Drive. The life and times of this former New Yorker now continue in Edgewater. That is, if we make it there. Read More

Antigone Goes West: A Man, A Dog, A Bike…and 2,000 Miles Towards A New Life

Know this first: this is the most emotionally compelling blog I've ever read, and perhaps the best. A Chicago writer and pet lover loses his job, gets fed up with the economy, and decides to bike to the Pacific Ocean to promote pet adoption, with his favorite Basset Hound, Antigone, blogging the trip from her doggie trailer. But it's the candid bravery of the human author that shines best as Antigone Goes West. Read More

Pepsi Challenged

'I was in a bilevel Burger King, with the dining room squeezed in downstairs from the order counter. I ordered something I don't remember and a large Pepsi. I really don't know what happened. A tremor? A foot slip? But there I was walking downstairs watching my soda tumble end over end in slow motion in front of me.' Read More

A Fair to Distemper

Last Thursday, I did the Wisconsin State Fair badly. In my defense, I meant well. But having been to only two state fairs in my life--Arizona's in 1990 and New York State's in the Shea Stadium parking lot--I was ill-prepared for the scope of Milwaukee's century-old annual festivity. Not to mention the heat. Read More