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Transformer Ire

This summer, downtown Chicago has been handed over to the Transformers 3 movie shoot--to film scenes glorifying Loop devastation and the the deaths of rank-and-file Chicagoans. As citywide media goes ga-ga for gargantuan robots, I'm wondering whether $20 million is the going rate for ceding civic pride? Read More

Do Straight Men Dream of Lesbian Strippers?

So my big bugbear question of the week is to ask why Chicago media--both straight and gay--who so clearly love to go on and on about heteros taking their clothes off and gay men dressing up as women, have no clue what to do when the ones showing skin up on stage are queer. Read More

Dense Hudson on Thicke Double Bill

Had Jennifer Hudson's show (and showmanship, for that matter) been as electric as Robin Thicke's, the sour notes in the second-half of the double-billed evening would have been easier to swallow. Surprisingly, neither were. Read More

Xanadu and the Meaning of Life

Buddhist dharma (and the teachings of every other religion I can think of) would suggest we all have an intrinsic nature of being beyond the mundane world we take for granted as reality. But as the price for coming to hang out on Earth for awhile, we forget our ineffable--or if you will, Divine--natures. We spend our lives never recognizing the true sum of what we are. Read More

Natya Dance Troupe at the Art Institute

Spending last Friday afternoon at the Art Institute of Chicago, I had the unexpected pleasure of witnessing an artist-in-residence performance by a member of Natya Dance Theater. The Natya troupe performs Bharata Natyam, an ancient, highly expressive dance tradition from Southern India. And an awesome one to watch, too. Read More