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The Hypocrisy of Gays Chanting at Churchgoers

Last weekend, LGBT activists crashed Valentine's Day services at Holy Name Cathedral to protest Rome's stance on gay marriage. Is it right to demand religious tolerance by disrupting someone else's right to worship? And why do my fellow queers care so much about a single religion's definition of God anyway? Read More

On Chicagosphere: Why the Sun-Times Deserves to Die

On Chicagosphere I asked whether the Chicago Sun-Times union truly understands the endgame faced by their paper and journalism in general, calling out the Chicago Reader's Michael Miner along the way for suggesting that columnists be forced to ditch commentary in favor of strict news analysis. There's nothing I find more tiresome than yet another reporter throwing the rest of the world under the bus for the failings of their own field. Read More

Columnists on Chris Kelly

For the past four days, columnists across Chicago have been opining at length on the death of former Blagojevich adviser and fundraiser Chris Kelly. Most have stretched hard to forge news out of speculation. But some have allowed the story to be as simple as, in all likelihood, it really is. Read More

Analyzing Helen Shiller’s Response to the Uptown Riot Controversy

Yesterday afternoon, Alderman Helen Shiller posted a lengthy response on the 46th Ward website regarding the widely viewed August 13th Uptown riot video and the firestorm of controversy surrounding it. Given the gravity of the situation for Uptown residents, it's a response worthy of a line-by-line analysis by a communications strategist. Being one, myself (how useful is that?), that's exactly what I've done. Read on to learn why I think Shiller's response doesn't fit the crime. Read More

Independence Eve Fireworks FOIA Update

On July 6th, I reported on potential violence along the lakefront during Chicago's Independence Eve fireworks. The next day, in consultation with my Chicago Now editor, I filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on several city agencies. Now thirty days later, here's what I've heard back. Read More

Following Up on Chicago’s Independence Eve Violence

Yesterday's post on alleged gang violence during Chicago's Independence Eve fireworks generated a lot of local attention and concern. That post compared official reports of a relatively 'peaceful' July 3rd fireworks display with reports from the blog, Second City Cop, and several Twitter members indicating a sizable gang presence, multiple gang-related fights, numerous guns recovered, and a potential shooting in the vicinity of Buckingham Fountain. Here's how you can help get to the bottom of things. Read More