Should I Move to Marina City? Archive

The End of Marina City

In 2005 this blog began with the subtitle, 'The life and times of a former New Yorker living in downtown Chicago.' I've almost left downtown twice since then. At the end of this month, I finally will. I'm heading to Edgewater--and realizing more than just my address is moving on. Read More

The Homing Pigeon of State Street

Two months ago I moved out of Marina City to head for a quieter life beyond downtown. But there's something to be said for living at the center of it all. I'm learning the grass isn't any greener outside the Loop--and the roaches sure do put up a fight. Read More

Marina City Hamstrung

Readers frequently ask me, 'Should I move to Marina City?' Given my experience here, no, in my opinion I really don't think they should. Not unless a.) you think nothing I've ever written about the place is true, or b.) you're a masochist. Read More

Should I Move to Marina City?

'Tell me the truth: should I move to Marina City?' If there's one question I hear more than any other, it's that one. Over the past year, Chicago Carless has become a go-to site for information about life here at the corncobs--in all its sometimes glorious and sometimes gory details. So I've put together this look at the pros and cons of living here so you can decide for yourself. Read More