Marina City Archive

Relatively Speaking Downtown

People say the strangest things to me in downtown Chicago. This past weekend was a trifecta. Sunday afternoon I ran into Marina City's own Vincent Falk, aka the colorful, tour-boat-waving Riverace (rhymes with Liberace), standing together with Marina City Online scribe Steve Dahlman mid-span on the State Street Bridge. Read More

Why I Work from Home

There are many reasons why I choose to work from home. Among them: avoiding rush hour; avenging 15 years of an hour-long NYC commute; and evading boundary-ignoring clients. But the best reason I can think of is the one I see every time I step out onto my 38th floor Marina City balcony. Take a look at the video and see whether you agree. Yes folks, it's a long way down. Read More

Envy Thy Neighbor

Recently finding out a Facebook friend is a neighbor at Marina City, it was only a matter of time before I came over to check out the view. Oh, envy. Oh, West Tower, why must you mock me so? Watch the video and see what I mean. Read More

Short-Term Memory Loss and the Chicago Tribune

For some time now, I've been of the opinion of media-watcher blog, Newspaper Death Watch: that is, journalistic hubris and an outdated refusal to change with the times have rendered the print-news industry immune to learning lessons from the people on the web who know full well how to build a community of visitors. Read More

Marina City Hamstrung

Readers frequently ask me, 'Should I move to Marina City?' Given my experience here, no, in my opinion I really don't think they should. Not unless a.) you think nothing I've ever written about the place is true, or b.) you're a masochist. Read More