Marina City Archive

The New View from Here (VIDEO)

When I moved eight miles north from downtown Chicago, I traded in one spectacular high-rise view for another. Here's a set of videos to show how living across from the Loop compares to living on the edge of Lake Michigan--in all its inland-sea glory. Read More

The End of Marina City

In 2005 this blog began with the subtitle, 'The life and times of a former New Yorker living in downtown Chicago.' I've almost left downtown twice since then. At the end of this month, I finally will. I'm heading to Edgewater--and realizing more than just my address is moving on. Read More

The Homing Pigeon of State Street

Two months ago I moved out of Marina City to head for a quieter life beyond downtown. But there's something to be said for living at the center of it all. I'm learning the grass isn't any greener outside the Loop--and the roaches sure do put up a fight. Read More

Moving on from Marina City

I am no longer a resident of Marina City. At the verge of 40, my life goals when I moved downtown five years ago just don't match up with who I want to be in the next chapter of my life. So I've given up my high-rise home in order to get my feet back on the ground. In every way possible. Read More

Burning Down the Night at Marina City

This week, it was tongue-in-cheek that I wrote about Marina City covering over its emergency evacuation posters with laundry room memos. The same night I wrote that, a fire broke out on the 29th floor of a neighboring residential high-rise on Wabash Avenue. Then last night, a major fire in a condo tower in Streeterville killed one resident and injured 12 other people. Read More