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As It Should Be: Moving On From 9/11

I'm happy to say this is the first time in eight years I didn't see 9/11 coming. I forgot almost completely about the anniversary of that infamous date until a few hours before this writing. It's a sense of normalcy that I haven't felt in eight years. Read More

Amid the Ruins: Photoblogs of Yesterday’s Chicago

We live in a photogenic city here in the nation's architecture capital. But there's a subset of Chicago bloggers who prefer to snap shots of a seldom-seen Windy City. These photobloggers concentrate on the urban ruins, forgotten buildings, and unsung spaces well off of most people's radar screens. Here are six local photoblogs that take a look at things from a decidedly different perspective. Read More

Midwestern Elephants

Open your mouth about the impending corporate murder of the Marshall Field’s nameplate by the evil retail overlords at Federated and some heartbroken local will immediately insert their foot and claim the real Marshall Field’s is no more. Is that so? Read More