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What Is Your Oath of Chicagoanship?

Maybe it would help native and newcomer Chicagoans get along better if we had a civic creed to help us tell real Chicagoans from mere Midwestern posers. If you had to raise your right hand and swear your loyalty to Chicago in order to be considered a Chicagoan, what would your oath be? Read More

Antigone Goes West: A Man, A Dog, A Bike…and 2,000 Miles Towards A New Life

Know this first: this is the most emotionally compelling blog I've ever read, and perhaps the best. A Chicago writer and pet lover loses his job, gets fed up with the economy, and decides to bike to the Pacific Ocean to promote pet adoption, with his favorite Basset Hound, Antigone, blogging the trip from her doggie trailer. But it's the candid bravery of the human author that shines best as Antigone Goes Read More

Pepsi Challenged

'I was in a bilevel Burger King, with the dining room squeezed in downstairs from the order counter. I ordered something I don't remember and a large Pepsi. I really don't know what happened. A tremor? A foot slip? But there I was walking downstairs watching my soda tumble end over end in slow motion in front of me.' Read More

A Real Chicago Dinosaur

Like all adopted Chicagoans, from time to time I get told by some other local who doesn't agree with me to 'go back where you came from' if I don't like the way things are done in the Windy City. It's an age-old prejudice that claims being born in Chicago somehow makes you a more authentic Chicagoan than a person who moved here from a different time zone. It's also baloney. Read More

The Good Life in Downtown Chicago

During their windy City visit last week, Seattle’s coolest couple, Kasey and John, waxed giddily about the fun and frolic of my downtown Chicago neighborhood. Their reaction stands in stark contrast to the one I normally get from native Chicagoans when I tell them I live downtown. It’s almost like telling a New Yorker you never ride the subway. The response is always the same: no one's stopping you from doing it, but why would you want the hassle? Read More

Deanna Grows in Her Garden City

'Once you’ve lived somewhere long enough, its landscape begins to change with you. Its landmarks--at one time foreign, empty, meaningless--begin to sprout hints of growth as you plant memories like seeds. Soon, a living breathing history of your time there begins to reveal itself.' Read More