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Why I’m Here: My 9/11 Story Told for the StoryCorps September 11th Initiative (Audio)

On May 21st, I was blessed with the unexpected opportunity to be interviewed by the nonprofit oral-history project, StoryCorps. I visited their mobile recording studio, temporarily parked in Pilsen...and told my 9/11 story for the national September 11th Initiative. From StoryCorps, here is my recorded remembrance of the day that changed my life and, ultimately, brought me to Chicago. Read More

“Downtown Local” Podcast Debuts on Chicago Carless

Given me and my big mouth, it had to happen sometime. Today debuts Downtown Local, my (most likely allegedly) weekly podcast look at life, love, and folly from the heart of downtown Chicago. I'll use the podcast to expand on issues I cover in my regular blog posts, as well as to share new stories--and, of course, rants. Read More