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Are Unpaid Social Media Internships Legal?

Chicago nonprofits and businesses often use unpaid social media interns as a cheap way to gain institutional knowledge about building online community. But according to the U.S. Department of Labor, federal law requires that unpaid internships be for the benefit of the intern--not the company. And now the fed is investigating. Read More

Why I’m Here: My 9/11 Story Told for the StoryCorps September 11th Initiative (Audio)

On May 21st, I was blessed with the unexpected opportunity to be interviewed by the nonprofit oral-history project, StoryCorps. I visited their mobile recording studio, temporarily parked in Pilsen...and told my 9/11 story for the national September 11th Initiative. From StoryCorps, here is my recorded remembrance of the day that changed my life and, ultimately, brought me to Chicago. Read More

Don’t Be a Facebook Fraudster

Imagine my surprise when I emailed a colleague on Facebook and received a response from her boss. Word to the wise employer: if you want a presence on Facebook, make sure you're aware of the Terms of Service, first. Corporate fan pages? Feel free. Impersonating your employees? Facebook fraud. Read More