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UPS and Toxic Brand Marketing

When rolling out a national ad campaign, it helps to make use of your most recognizable icon. Borrowing the look of another company's icon? Not so helpful. So why does the UPS Store ad in the March 2010 issue of Fast Company look like a promo for Disney's 'Cars'? Read More

Silence Isn’t Golden for the W***** Tower

There are bad branding strategies. There are Macy's-mothballs-Marshall-Field awful branding strategies. And then there's Willis Group's hubris- and hare-brained idea to rename the Sears Tower. What do you get when you glue a new name on an old icon whose existing monicker has worldwide recognition? Judging by local blog discussion, a good laugh--and lots of people who say they just won't bother to say the word W*****. Read More