Compassionate Resistance for 5/1/17


Compassion Equals Strength

This post is part of my “Compassionate Resistance” series, a regular roundup of stories of local resistance from across America. This series was inspired by and is part of Powerful Resistance, a grassroots project to counter the injustice of the current administration by promoting positive stories of justice and compassion. 

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  • The First 100 Days of Resistance (Common Dreams): “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that this country needs ‘a radical revolution of values.’ It’s heartening to see the anti-Trump resistance move so quickly toward that revolution, toward an affirmative vision that rejects the limited political choices of the past and demands broader horizons of possibility.”
  • Minneapolis Parents Choose Community Over Testing (The Progressive): “…School choice systems built around standardized test scores may not be as important as having a safe, welcoming school in every neighborhood, where relationships and teacher-parent communication rank high.”


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