Important News for RSS and Email Subscribers


subscriberChicago Carless has new RSS and email subscription feeds! I made the change to improve the reading experience for regular subscribers. If you currently subscribe to my blog, follow the easy instructions below to resubscribe in order to continue receiving updates.

Email Subscribers:
If you currently receive email notifications about new posts, the old email feed has already gone away. In order to continue receiving updates, simply follow this link or use the new email subscription form in the right sidebar on Chicago Carless to resubscribe.

RSS Subscribers: 
If you currently follow my blog in a newsreader (like Feedly), the old RSS feed will continue to function for the next 30 days. However, you can follow this link to subscribe to the new RSS feed right now, or click on the orange RSS button in the right sidebar of Chicago Carless.

If you don’t wish to continue receiving RSS or email updates, simply do nothing. But I’ll be sorry to see you go!

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