One Fewer Online Community for Converts


This evening, a former fellow member of emailed me to let me know of that community’s untimely demise. The email came as a surprise. The growing, interdenominational community of Jewish converts was really positioned to become a leading online source of knowledge and affirmation for those newly arrived at Judaism.

Cutting to the chase, the site is down permanently, its content is offline, and a large group of folks have been thrown into online community homelessness–with scant explanation from the site’s founders as to why. (For what explanation there is, see this post on MikvahBound.)

A core group of former members has gravitated to the GereiTzedek convert discussion board, but unfortunately it’s a private board.That means potential converts and the newish Jewish can’t simply browse the board at will–they have to be let in, first. So, sadly, North American Jewish converts are now in limbo–an online Diaspora, if you will–until someone steps up to create another publicly open and accessible online community geared for our community.

Hopefully, if and when that happens, it will be a community whose founders manage to keep to it going–or at least don’t run off with no explanation. For now, goodbye to what was, briefly, a great idea, and a great online home for new Jews.

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