A Blog Post from Camp


(After the tune by Allan Sherman.)

Temple retreat, feeling phooey,
Here I am at Camp OSRUI,
Overnight camp for Reform youth–
Restricted wifi and my phone has got no Bluetooth.

Instead we daven every morning
And we’re noshing without warning,
When you’re 40 there’s no wedgies
But the cook still wants you to eat all your veggies.

Though I’m glad I’m finally Jewish
Finding all this rather newish,
Jewish art talks; wonder why I
Should care Chagall once painted the Vitebski rabbi.

Sure wish I could find my part here,
Debbie Friedman (z”l) got her start here,
But I’ve got no knack for strumming
To chase away the blues to which I am succumbing.

Take me home! Drive up now, Ryan! Take me home! Time isn’t flyin’!
Don’t leave me up in Wisconsin where I might get heartburn from a curd,
Take me home! I promise I will not snore loud or not clean up after the cats,
Oh please don’t make me stay–I’ve been here one whole day.

Debbie might say start inquiring
Find inside you what’s inspiring,
You don’t own it, just let it unfurl
God intends you to extend it to the world.

Wait! My phone and laptop can tether!
I can blog now! Feeling better!
How we often miss things so elementary…

Readers, Ryan, kindly disregard this entry.

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