Target Corp: How About a Nice Menorah for Christmas?


As I prepare to celebrate my first Chanukah as a Jew-in-training, I’ve been shopping for a chanukiyah. That’s what most non-Jews call menorahs–which they are. Chanukiyahs just happen to have space for nine candles (one candle for each of the eight nights of Chanukah, and one to light the rest.) I would love to buy my first chanukiyah from a Jewish store like Rosenblum’s (now in Skokie) or the Spertus Institute. But they happen to be much cheaper at Target.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on a Chanukiyah on Target’s website and saw this:

Do you see what I see?

“Select Standard Shipping during checkout for delivery by December 24th.”

Really? Why? So I can use it next Chanukah? Chanukah 2010 begins on December 1st and ends on December 9th, and if a major retailer is going to sell products relevant for a Jewish–or any other religious–holiday, they should be mindful of when those holidays occur.

They should also be mindful of why they occur. Why on earth would it be important to a Jew for their chanukiyah to arrive by Christmas Eve? It would be far more important for Target’s chanukiyahs to arrive by November 30th. And if Target doesn’t know that, they shouldn’t be selling them.

Oy to the world, indeed.


UPDATE: The next day (today) I complained about this to Target via email. I said the same things I said above. I received back this tragically comic (and most likely off-shore) reply:

“Dear Michael Doyle,

I’m sorry for the trouble you had with the delivery estimates for the item you’re looking for and I’m not quite sure what’s causing it.

We’d like to help you out. But, we need you to call us first.

Can you give us a call at (800) 591-3869? It would be easier to take care of this over the phone and we’ll help you out in placing the order once we have a better idea of what’s going on.

Thanks for writing. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Guess which one I clicked?

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