I Now Contribute to the Kenneth Cole Awearness Blog


(Graphic: A corporate pun in the service of social justice.)

I’m happy to announce that, beginning in November, I became a regular contributor to the Kenneth Cole Awearness Blog (yes, *sic*), a social-justice blog launched by Kenneth Cole to help raise awareness about personal and corporate responsibility to each other and the world in which we all live. The site has a great stable of committed, progressive bloggers–and for happy FTC disclosure, it’s a paid gig, too. I invite you to come give the site a look.

You can find my author page and feed here, and browse my latest posts at the below links:

Why Isn’t White House Press Corps Embarrassed Over Salahis?
The White House suggested security breaches rarely happen, and mainstream media bought the official story frame hook, line, and sinker. Until the Washington Post uncovered how common such incidents really are.

Who Deserves Broadband Access in America?
Spain just made broadband access for all residents, rich or poor, a legal requirement for Internet providers in that country. Will the U.S. have the guts to order ISPs in this country to offer service in our most challenged neighborhoods, too?

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