I’m Not a Mac #5–What Windows Users Think of Mac Users (Video)


This post is part of my “I’m Not a Mac” series, chronicling my controversial migration away from Apple Computer after 15 years as a Mac user. Find other entries in the “I’m Not a Mac” series archive.

The response I’ve gotten since starting my “I’m Not a Mac” blog series about migrating away from the Macintosh has been amazing, and a little scary too. Many Linux and Windows users have posted supportive comments and helpful advice to guide my exploration of other OSes beyond Mac OS X.

Mac users, however, seem to be taking my decision personally. Many of them have expressed shock, anger, and in the case of the AngryMacBastards podcast, a desire to “put a bullet” in my head for writing publicly about my disillusionment with Apple Computer. For a long time, Windows users have called the Mac community a cult. After 15 years, I think I’m finally getting the message. Click the play button and watch the video for more.

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