Lately on My Chicagosphere Byline: Horizon Realty, Chicago Cops & the CTA


(Photo: Pardon me, is that a lawsuit in your pocket or are you just happy to tweet me?)

It’s been a controversial few weeks over at my Chicagosphere online-media byline, brought to you by the soon-out-of-beta wags at the Trib’s cool and growing ChicagoNow. From CTA shenanigans to Twitter lawsuits to an alleged new name for the once and forever Sears Tower, we’ve covered a lot of ground. If you haven’t yet, come see what I’ve been up to on the byline that–apparently–the City of Chicago reads. Nice…

Indepependence Eve Fireworks FOIA Update
What I’ve heard back so far–or haven’t–from the FOIAs I filed on the City of Chicago to get to the bottom of July 3rd gang violence at the Taste of Chicago.

Twitter 101 for Business: Horizon Realty Edition
The document Horizon Realty probably should have read before it sued tenant Amanda Bonnen for a Twitter tweet–and why.

Blogging the Thin Blue Line: Second City Cop vs. Chicago Copwatch
A look at the blogs of Chicago cops and their critics uncovers strong opinions–and unexpected hypocrisy from a surprising source.

Silence Isn’t Golden for the W***** Tower
Why I’m not going to say the alleged new name of the Sears Tower. And why you may not want to, either.

Blog Debate: Should the CTA President Get a Pass on Driving to Work?
I said it here on Carless and I repeated it on Chicagosphere: CTA President Richard Rodriguez shouldn’t be driving to work. For any reason. Period.

End of report!

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