Is Chicago Covering Up a Gang Shooting at the July 3rd Fireworks?


(Photo: Chicago’s Independence Eve fireworks…now with extra daylight?)

UPDATE 7/8/09: Please see a follow-up to this story here.

On Friday night, when Chicago’s Independence Eve fireworks went off a full half-hour early–for the second time in two years–I had a feeling of foreboding. Last year the reason for jumping the fireworks gun? Guns literally: gang violence, including four shootings–one fatal–after the display, that marred the evening and marked a controversial start for then-new Chicago police commander Jody Weis.

This year, Chicago police brass reported gang activity yet again, in and adjacent to the Taste of Chicago grounds both before and after the show. Trouble is, the blogosphere is reporting a lot more violence–including armies of gangs and potentially another shooting–than can be found in the city’s official version of events.

Is the city suppressing news of gang violence on Independence Eve to protect embattled Chicago police superintendent Jody Weis and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley from embarrassment? I ask that question today on Chicagosphere. I invite you to read the article. In fact, I think you should. But you may not like what you learn about how this city informs its citizens about danger…or, perhaps, doesn’t.

Read on Chicagosphere: Is Chicago Covering Up Independence Eve Gang Shooting?

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