Food Beat: Sun Wah Beijing Duck, Bank-Busting Marc Burger


(Photo: A $20 meal at Macy’s Marc Burger? A high price to pay, but a hell of a payoff.)

If it’s any day ending in “-day”, you know I’m still eating. This weekend on my Gaper’s Block Drive-Thru foodie byline, the love is as crispy as it is juicy. Browse through to Chicago’s favorite, home-grown group blog and read all about it:

Eat This Duck at Argyle Street’s Sun Wah
Fried Beijing Duck, duck fried rice, duck soup, and to gild the Chinese lilly, sorbet for $30 per duck? It’s the best Chinese barbeque deal in town folks, and co-proprietor Kelly Cheng will be happy to carve it up for you.

Too Expensive, Too Good at Macy’s Marc Burger
It’s the most expensive food-court burger you’ll ever eat, but this new Macy’s State Street cafeteria counter will have you wishing your wallet was fatter–in order to come back for more.

If any Dear Reader out there has a place they’d like to recommend, leave a comment and let me know! Or a heart doctor, for that matter.

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