Cincinnati’s Still Cool


(Photo: Cincinnati’s iconic Tyler Davidson Fountain at night.)

As I run out the door to have lunch with blog-diva Jasmine Davila (see her blog, News from the Flip Front), I wanted to note to regular readers a curious thing that has happened this weekend.  Yesterday via Twitter, leading bloggers in Cincinnati discovered the guardedly positive trip-report/thinly veiled love letter I wrote regarding their fair city, Cincinnati Is Cool, after visiting there with Cincinnati Jamie in August 2008.

Out of nowhere, the four-month old blog post has made the rounds on the Cincinnati blogosphere for two days (along with another thoughtful Queen City trip report from fellow urban blogger Aaron Renn, blogging as The Urbanophile out of Indianapolis).  My thoughts on the town–birthplace of my beloved Cincinnati-chili coneys and 5-ways–have been well received, and I’m gratified to have helped raise the debate about the real future potential (and current coolness) of my second-favorite Midwestern urb.

If you haven’t read either blog post yet, I invite you to do so.  While you’re at it, click through to some of the Cincinnati blog sites mentioned in each post and comment thread to learn about the burgeoning blogosphere in the city that deserves to be famed for far more than merely Mr. Carlson.

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