Hot Wings of Doom Return to Pilsen


(Photo: I would risk an F5 for Karen Lim’s Little Hotties.)

Back in August, I discovered the best Asian hot wings in the city of Chicago, bar none. Namely, the ginger-garlic goodness of the lollipop-style “Little Hotties” at 18th Street’s Take Me Out. I sang their praises while running from a wall cloud. Then I mourned their closure after a major fire.

I have far happier news to report. Last week, Take Me Out co-owner Karen Lim emailed to to report the eatery will be back in business starting Saturday, October 18th. She’ll be celebrating by giving out free Little Hotties, and that’s reason enough to show up in my book. Read full coverage of Lim’s return in my recent Drive-Thru entry.

And if you havent ever had her wings, Saturday would be a great time to find out what you’ve been missing.

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