Chicago Traveler Vs. Hurricane Gustav


(Photo: Eye of the Polomex: Chicago Traveler scribe Matt B. in the crosshairs of Hurricane Gustav.)

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.  Just ask Matt B. (aka “Polomex”), scribe of the Chicago Traveler blog and current refugee from the onslaught of the Gulf Coast’s pesky new resident, Hurricane Gustav. I’m as much of a fan of the male form as the next gay guy, but when Matt’s boyfriend insisted they continue on their Amtrak trip to Southern Decadence weekend in New Orleans, I’m thinking maybe he should have thought twice.

A regular reader of CHICAGO CARLESS, so far Matt and company have been stranded by Amtrak, ordered out of town, forced to attempt an overnight drive to Atlanta, and reduced to eating at roadside greasy spoons in Alabama.

Oh, the horror of it all.

Will the wily Windy City scribe succeed in his midnight run to Georgia?  Did he forgive his partner for dragging him into the eye of the storm?  And just how clueless was Amtrak’s alleged evacuation plan for its stranded passengers?

Lucky for us, we can read all about it as the valiant blogger provides us with regular updates on his headlong flight from the eye of the storm on his personal site, Knightly Musings.

Here’s hoping Matt makes it back dry and kempt.  Neither Chicagoland nor the land of Twitter would be the same without him, and goodness knows I could use the comments.  Godspeed, oh frazzled blogger.  Godspeed.

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