“Downtown Local” Podcast Debuts on Chicago Carless


(Photo: A dangerous drug is GarageBand…)

Given me and my big mouth, it had to happen sometime. Today debuts “Downtown Local“, my (most likely allegedly) weekly podcast look at life, love, and folly from the heart of downtown Chicago. I’ll use “Downtown Local” to expand on issues I cover in my regular blogposts, as well as to share new stories–and, of course, rants.

For anyone who’s been wondering what I sound like (and except primarily for those of you who recognize me on the elevator at Marina City from time to time, that’s just about everyone) here’s your chance to find out. Take a listen to the podcast, I’d love to get your feedback.

This week’s “Downtown Local” topics: Blair Kamin and the Chicago Children’s Museum; the “Stranded in the Loop, Please Help” brigade; and how to have an oversexed summer in one easy lesson.

And if that last one’s not reason enough to listen in, I don’t know what is.


“Downtown Local” for October 9, 2007:




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