The Happy Return of Kimchi Chigae


Just a short post before I settle down to my favorite cold-weather dinner: kimchi chigae. That’s Korean kimchi stew for the uninitiated or anyone who missed my paean of love for kimchi chigae last March.

Most mere American mortals usually hate the stuff. But if you love hot, spicy, edgy food as much as I do, a big bowl of fermented, heavily spiced cabbage boiled up with onions, pork belly, and Korean beef powder, garnished with medium tofu and served with a bowl of scallion-covered rice can be a definite turn-on.

Devyn hates the stuff. Oh well, more spicy, fermented goodness for me. Click through here to my March 2006 post to learn of my love, and my recipe, for kimchi chigae.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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