I do not like delays and cram…


Would you like ‘L’ delays and cram?
Not during rush hour, Frankie man.

I do not like them on the ‘L’.
I do not like them very well.

I don’t like them in Rogers Park.
I don’t like them at Div and Clark.

To wait a half hour for the train,
In snow, or sleet, or wind, or rain,

To pack aboard a sardined car,
That limps me to my job afar,

While planning skills seem to be lacking,
Half your riders you send packing,

On Red, on Brown, on Purple, too,
I would not like that, Frank. Would you?

I would not like that here or there.
I would not like that anywhere.

I don’t like ‘L’ delays and cram.
I do not like them, Frank, you scam.

Now save us, please, oh Alderman.

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